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The giant statue of jade earring of the Peinan Culture placed in the middle of the basement exhibition hall
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In the middle of the basement exhibition hall, there is an atrium where a giant statue of jade earring of the Peinan Culture is situated in the center. The display is arranged in layout of grids with square benches exhibiting educational information and multimedia facilities.

Different from the displays in the exhibition rooms, the atrium is a space with flavor to various opinions. People can express their viewpoints for they are the main characters in this event. Their voice is directly "heard", even the viewpoints differ from our staff. The topics are basically an extension from the exhibition themes, namely an integrating of the three major themes (people, nature, culture), or manifestation of social significance or common issues. We hope that visitors not only can acquire knowledge here, but also be inspired to contemplate and leave with an impression.

There are six topics and seven sub-topics presented in the forum; every sub-topic is expressed in two ways, the "commentary" and the "subject of debate". In the "commentary", people can give opinions or thoughts by interviews; in the "subject of debate", the impartial voice is expressed through narration.

The following are the topics and the sub-topics of the forum

1. Archaeology and cultural heritages - Excavation Site

2. The story of the Peinan Site

3. People and the nature - the spotted deer of Taiwan -The last hunter

4. The indigenous peoples - Urban indigenous peoples

5. The versatility of culture - Meeting Jajo Bay

6. A museum for everyone - The birth of the NMP


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