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The Visitor Center in Peinan site (showing the cross-section of the stratum from the site to present the culture vividly)
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  1. Please maintain the peace inside the park, and park the car according to the parking instruction.
  2. Do not bring pets or hazardous articles into the park.
  3. Do not produce noise pollution inside the park.
  4. Do not make fire, camp or barbeque inside the park.
  5. Do not enter the staff only zones.
  6. Please keep the park tidy. Spitting, emitting of chewing gums, littering and polluting of the environment are not allowed.
  7. Do not disturb the process of archaeology excavation.
  8. Do not vandalize the public facilities.
  9. Entry into the private orchards nearby is forbidden.
  10. Touting, distributing of advertisements or other business conducts are not allowed.
  11. Hanging of unauthorized slogans or advertisements is not allowed.
  12. Stunt kite flying, golf and other hazardous activities are not allowed inside the park.
  13. Unauthorized filming for business purpose is not allowed.
  14. No misconduct or profanity is allowed.

Notice for Visitors - Visitor Center Exhibition Hall

  1. Tickets or proofs of ID for discounted or free admission are required for entry.
  2. No smoking inside the building. Please do not bring drinks/food or pets inside.
  3. Please keep quiet during your visit. Do not use speakers or speak loudly.
  4. Please dress neatly, do not wear slippers inside the building.
  5. Do not touch the exhibits.
  6. The Center offers scheduled tours. Please contact the information desk or see the bulletin board for the tour hours and sessions.
  7. In emergencies such as fire, earthquake, and power failure, please evacuate according to the instruction given by staff members.
  8. Visitors can reenter the Visitor Center with the ticket stub on the same day of ticket purchase.
  9. Flashlights and tripods are not allowed inside the Center.

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