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Special offers and tickets at museums of Pingtung, Hualien and Taitung on May 18th the Museum Day!!

The National Museum of Prehistory works out a museum-day joint celebration with the Laiyi Indigenous Museum of Pingtung, the Juisui Kiwit Indigenous Museum of Hualien and the Haiduan Bunun Indigenous Museum. Special offers, activities and ticket discounts are prepared for welcoming the visitors on May17th and May18th!

The National Museum of Prehistory in Taitung City

Special admission: All visitors can pay $40 for a ticket on May 17th, (special admission for Taitung locals usually).

Free admission for all visitors on May 18th.

Check in the Museum fb page and tap 'like' on the special posting of ' Interesting stories about 10 displayed artifacts in the Museum' on May17 & 18, also upload and post a photo of you together with that specific artifact right under that special posting & presentation, then you can get a special 2-drink coupon at the front counter in the exhibition hall and enjoy the drinks at the museum cafeteria (3 earliest persons for each item, 2 cups of drink for each coupon taker).        

Laiyi Indigenous Museum in Pingtung
Special offers for the earliest 30 visitors with fb check-in at the Laiyi Indigenous Museum on May17th & May18th, which include 2 sets of postcards of the exhibition of palm-lines and exhibition of Maljeveq rituals, and a themed notebook.
Address: (922) No.289 Nanheh Road, Nanheh Village, Laiyi Township, Pingtung County Tel: 08-8792202

Juisui Kiwit Indeginous Museum in Hualien County
Special offers for the earliest 30 visitors with fb check-in at the Juisui Kiwit Indigenous Museum on May17th & May18th, which include a Kiwit-tribe cultural rafting coupon and a special Kiwit-featured file folder.
Address: (978) No. 2-10 Kiwit Hamlet 5, Juisui Tounship, Hualien County
Tel: 03-8991221; 0911030738

Haiduan Bunun Indigenous Museum in Taitung County
The earliest 100 visitors on May 17th and May 18th will get an environment-friendly tote bag printed with a slogan "I'm not afraid of Black Bear", also an extra sweet peach right after each of them could finish a questionnaire (for adults) or an in-gallery worksheet(for kids).
Address: (957) No.56 Shanping Hamlet 2, Haiduan Village, Haiduan Township, Taitung County
Tel: 089-931638; 089-931625




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