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Circulation Desk

The Circulation Desk provides services such as book check-out, return, and renew, as well as answer to general enquiries.

Stack Room

The library has book collection of nearly 18,000 types in Chinese, Spanish and Japanese. The Chinese and Japanese book catalog adopts the New Classification Scheme for Chinese Libraries 7th Ed., with the author codes defined by the combination of the first and last character in 5-stroke input method. The Spanish book catalog is done according to the Library of Congress Classification.

Reference Materials

This area provides all sorts of reference and tool books such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, indexes, abstracts, yearbooks, guides, handbooks, statistical information and law collections, and they are only for use inside the library. There are also atlases and printing facilities.

Audio-Video Materials

This area stores audio-video information such as videotapes, audiotapes, CDs, and VCDs. In addition, there are also audio-video watch/listen booths inside the library. The "Music Materials of the Indigenous Peoples in Taiwan" is the main feature of the library collection.

Journal Resources

This area stores "Core Journals", "Journals of Associated Organizations" and "Journals of Further Education and Recreation".

Reading Area

This area provides a space for visitors to read books or newspapers, or for the museum staff to carry out group discussions.

Resource Search

This area has search terminals allowing the visitors to search for museum resources, digital storage information or online resource.


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