【Electronic files for the Journal of Austronesian Studies

Volume 1 Number 1

Author Title starting page number
Peter Bellwood, Eusebio Dizon The Batanes Archaeological Project and the"Out of Taiwan Hypothesis for Austronesian Dispersal 1
Yoshiyuki lizuka. Hsiao-chun Hung Archaeomineralogy of Taiwan Nephrite: Sourcing Study of Nephritic Artifacts from the Philippines 35
Yoshiyuki lizuka, Peter Bellwood, Hsiao-chun Hung.Eusebio Dizon

ANon-destructive Mineralogical Study of Nephritic Artifacts from ltbayat lsland.Batanes.Northern Philippines


Hsiao-chun Hung

Neolithic lnteraction between Taiwan and Northern Luzon: The Pottery and Jade Evidences from the Cagayan Valley

Cheng-hwa Tsang

On the Origin of the Yami People of Lanyu as Viewed from Archaeological Data