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The Sun Square (near the entrance of the museum)
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The Architecture and Landscape:

The Museum is designed by New York architect Michael Graves. It is situated to the south of Kangle Station with a rectangular area of approximately 10 hectare. The building itself is on the east side and the west side is the Scenic Garden. The building faces the east toward the Pacific Ocean and with the Central Mountains at the back.

The building basement is used for storage. The open-air Mountain Square is the center of the building, and is surrounded by a three-section compound that serves as functional areas. The east side is the entrance of the Visitor Center, the north side is the exhibition hall, the south side is the administrative hall, and the west side is the Half-moon Pond, which links to the Scenic Garden.

The design of the exterior wall resembles the pattern of indigenous weave, and reflects the unique characteristic of weaving in the indigenous culture. The local materials were largely used in the construction, including marble, ceramic bricks and slate. Earthly tone together with sky tone reflects the harmony of the nature and universe.

Sun Square

The main entrance of the museum is on the east side, and provides parking and underground toilets for the visitors. Sun Square is situated outside of the entrance, with a bronze sundial standing in the fountain to prepare the visitors for the prehistoric culture exhibition that they are about to enter.

Mountain Square

On the two sides of the square, there are wide stairs that can be used as open-air seating during outdoor performance or just relaxation area for the visitors.

Administrative Building

Administrative Building is the academic research and administrative center of the NMP. Two separate entrances lead to the building. The octagon international conference room on the second floor can accommodate various academic activities simultaneous interpretation equipment and seating capacity of 50. Classrooms are available to accommodate seminars for up to 60 people.

The first floor of Administrative Building is the museum library, which holds a collection of volumes about the natural history of Taiwan, the prehistoric culture and Austronesian tribes. Areas from second floor up are research rooms and offices of the administrative staff.

Scenic Garden

The Scenic Garden is an open area for recreation, strolling, play, exhibition, education and sightseeing. The winding path leads to every sightseeing spot in the garden. Each sightseeing spot has a unique theme and function, and is designed with specially selected plants.

Children's Play Area

Children's Play Area provides a variety of amusement facilities for children and brings a vibrant atmosphere to the Garden.

The Maze

The Maze is an open-air substruction formed by granite walls and occasionally appearing water walls. It is misty inside the maze for unexpected fun.

Water Fountain Show

Enjoy the water fountain show as the columns of water dance gracefully to the music. At nighttime, the water fountain show is complemented by the light show for exceptional romantic feeling.

Bird Singing Square

Bird Singing Square is situated at the foot of the garden hill. Inside the circular flower wall are plants, such as pomegranate to attract birds.

Sightseeing Hill

The winding path leads to the summit, where the undulating mountain ranges, the glittery water of the Pacific Ocean form a picturesque scene. Relax and relieve your stress in the gentle breeze and the view of occasionally passing trains.


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