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The Sun Square (near the entrance of the museum)
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The curator's words

  Apart from their collection category, famous collection, research results, exhibition contents, guiding service quality, features of its environment and architecture, any esteemed museum that has grabbed the public attention must have its unique attraction. There must be an inexhaustible spring of knowledge and wisdom, a magnificent holy temple, while at the same time its facilities and administration are modest and amiable, accessible to everybody.

  Our museum takes archaeology and anthropology (or ethnology) as its basic subject and carries out investigational, excavational, researching, collecting works of prehistoric culture. Furthermore, it also takes museology, pedagogy as its practical disciplines, plans, designs and exhibits the practical procedures of popularization and education. Due to that there is a relatively long distance between present and "the past," along with that archaeological museums are usually academic-oriented, and their attitudes are also very meticulous, therefore ordinary people are apt to feel that the collections and the contents of their annotations in our museum are much too abstruse, inaccessible and hard to understand, making it hard to attract visitors.

  Considering this, our museum has planned a space of "scientific archaeology," aimed to enable visitors to understand the connotation of archaeology in a simple approach; furthermore, we have also tried to build a story-telling museum, aimed to stimulate the propensity of human being for listening stories, so as to present the past in a clearer and more amiable way by scientific analysis of archaeological discoveries and vivid narration of relevant stories.

  Museums are a team that emphasizes professional labor division and team cooperation, and the mission of the prehistoric museum is to interpret the connotation of the prehistoric culture of Taiwan; what it displays is mainly on the nature history, prehistoric culture and the culture of aborigines of Taiwan; therefore, the core professions of it are in these fields. Operations at the exhibitional level of the museum, on the spot guiding, multi-linguistic explanation, multi-media presentation, enterprise management and marketing provide the maximal support to attributes of amiability, convenience, humanization, and knowledgization of the museum. With the implementation of the Phase II plan of the Peinan Cultural Park and the construction preparation of the Branch of the National Museum of Prehistory, our museum has taken up more important responsibilities. Museums can last for centuries and to help our museum develop and achieve glory, not only do we need the concerted effort of all of our colleagues, but also we desire the support and the approval of the public at large.


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